About Us

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Afghanistan Climbing & Mountaineering Federation is established by an Afghan girl Sedeqa Noristani in 2012, Mountaineering   outlined in the constitution  is called “federation”, the non-governmental public bodies with legal personality which is based on the policies and principles of the sport are defined and created by virtue of the Olympic Charter respecting Islamic  affairs and national requirements as sports fields climbing up the highest competent authority and within the framework of the constitution in coordination with the General Directorate of Physical  Education and sports of Afghanistan &  the National Olympic Committee and in compliance with the laws of the country .

What is it?

Mountaineering & Climbing the sport of climbing mountains is simply one of the finest outdoor opportunities available to the lover of high places. Mountain climbing is all about challenge and perseverance, about putting hands and feet onto rocks and ice and snow and finally reaching a summit. There, high above the world of cities and civilization, the climber can pause and look across a natural world ruled by nature and her raw beauty,

Afghanistan is mountainous country and fed of beauty coved by mountains, as the ideas about this sport Climb the mountains and rejoice in their natural spirit and the dram, Afghanistan Federation since the establishment tried to spread the sport throughout the country, particularly among Afghan women, With a deep concern of human rights and social activities, art professionals in different fields of arts and culture newly established Mountaineering & Climbing Federation. Although the Federation is new, the experts have been in the business since years ago. The members of Federation have run significant arts and cultural programs, personally of as a team. Some of their past artistic and cultural programs which are human rights oriented are as below:

  • Trainings
  • Competitions
  • Participating in National and International competitions