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December 6, 2015 Comments Off on To Do Posts

To Do


The federation will hold trainings for the athletes from all provinces of the Afghanistan ,In the Model Training Standards for Voluntary Leaders and Instructors managed by members of the Training Standards Panel makes it possible for mountaineers from different countries to recognize each other’s qualifications, the federation is looking forward to find funds;


The Afghanistan Federation will have Safety commission, the Safety Commission develops and maintains safety standards for climbing equipment, These standards are implemented world-wide by the manufacturers who also participate in annual Safety Commission, the equipments is not available in Afghan Sport Market, we should take it from aboard.

Medical advice

Through its experts on the Medical Commission, Climbing & Mountaineering federation will provides up-to-date and reliable information on medical issues through a commission the commission conducts research, sets standards for training and provides forums where experts meet to discuss which recommendations to make. The advice and recommendations section includes a comprehensive list of advice papers; Issues included acute mountain sickness, nutrition and water disinfection.


Climbing & Mountaineering federation will hold competitions and preparation for the world governing body for ice climbing competitions. The annual World Cup circuit and the bi annual World Championship and Youth World Championship are organized on different continents with athletes from over 30 countries participating, the federation needs and looking for donors.